Recuperating at Home

recuperating at homeWhen we have any type of problem with our back, it may eventually lead to the need for some type of surgical procedure. More than likely, your physician is going to try everything possible to come up with a nonsurgical solution to your issue but there are going to be times when surgery is necessary to repair the problem and to get you back on your feet again. In some cases, it may require an extensive hospital stay but in all cases, there will be some recuperation that is necessary at home.

One of the first things to consider when recuperating at home is that proper planning needs to take place. You need to ensure that everything is prepared in advance so that you can go home and begin recuperating without the stress of having to figure everything out at that time. As an example, make sure that you have your house secured so that it is less likely for you to experience a slip and fall accident after your surgical procedure. In addition, any type of care that is necessary from an outside source should be planned in advance so you don't need to worry with it at the very end.

In some cases, you may be experiencing some significant pain after surgery and it is going to be necessary for you to have a pain management solution in place. At times, this may include some type of narcotic pain pill and an anti-inflammatory drug. Although it may help you to get over some of the pain that you are experiencing, the side effects of the medication could cause problems if you are trying to move about in the house on your own. Make sure that you have someone there to help you in that case.

Your doctor may give you specific instructions on how to help ease some of the pain that you are experiencing. In some cases, it may include icing or heating the area where the surgery took place. Doing so can help to limit inflammation and the pain that may be experienced because of the procedure. In addition, it may help to increase the blood flow to the surgical area and doing so can help to decrease the amount of recovery time that you are experiencing.

Make sure than any type of rehabilitation instructions that were given by your physician are followed carefully. In some cases, these may include stretching or other types of exercises and if you are not doing them properly and on a regular basis, you are really extending the amount of time that it takes for you to recover. Gentle movement may also be necessary at times, but try not to overdo it. Follow all of your doctor's instructions and it will be more likely for you to get through your recovery time at home successfully.