7 Tips to Prevent Falls after Surgery

falling preventionOne of the problems that we may experience after we have had surgery is a difficulty walking around us we would typically do. It may be much more likely for us to fall after surgery, and that could be something that would cause additional problems. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid falling after surgery and the following 7 tips will help you to avoid it to the greatest extent possible. If you do happen to fall, make sure that you seek medical attention right away.

Throw rugs - If you have any throw rugs at your house, make sure that they are either up and off of the floor or you can tape them down with two-sided tape. If there are other items lying about, including electrical cords or shoes, make sure that they are picked up and put away as well.

Lighting - One of the issues that can often lead to a fall after surgery is trying to stumble through a house in the middle of the night without the proper lighting. Some houses may even experience problems in the middle of the day if they don't have enough lighting. You need to see where you're going, especially considering the fact that you may be on pain medication.

Reaching - Many of us don't really consider the fact that we often have to reach to get the things that we use on a regular basis. Anything that you use regularly, such as dishes or utensils should be moved to a lower drawer. If they are well within reach, you won't have to stretch to reach them.

falling prevention 2Pets - Yes, we love our pets but they can be a problem after you have had surgery. First of all, they may not have seen you for a while so they could jump up on you and knock you down or they may get under your feet and trip you when you come back home again. If you need to have your pets nearby, make sure they are crated so they are not moving around.

Bathing - It is typically a good idea to skip any long showers or baths after you have had surgery. If you feel unsteady, it is also good to use a shower chair. Tub baths tend to cause us to twist unnecessarily and it increases the risk that you will slip and fall.

Footwear - Although it can be enjoyable to wear high heels or other designer shoes, it is best for you to keep the fancy footwear until a later time.

Exercise - Make sure that you are following any exercise routines that your doctor has given you but get enough rest in between exercises so you don't become fatigued.