Getting Intimate after Back Surgery

post surgery intimacyWhen you have any type of surgery on your spine, it is more than just a simple procedure. Although the doctor will ensure that you are able to recover as quickly as possible, there may still be some rehabilitation time that is associated with it. That rehabilitation is going to differ from one patient to another, and there may be limitations as to what you can do after surgery occurs. This could include physical movements, such as exercise or how quickly you can get back to work.

One of the questions that many people have when it comes to back surgery is how much it is going to affect their personal life. They may desire to get back to having intimate relations with their partner again but they may be worried about the possible effect that could have on their health. This is a legitimate question and it is one that you should be prepared to ask your physician directly. After all, they are the ones who are going to understand your situation more than any other and they will be able to give you the instructions that deal with your specific case.

One of the first things that you should realize is that you may not get the answer that you want from the start. In fact, you may be quite displeased over the answer, as your doctor may tell you that you can't get back to intimacy as quickly as what you would like. Admittedly, the type of activity that you plan on doing is also going to have an impact on your ability to get back to it as well. It may be an uncomfortable conversation, but your physician should know the details so that he can give you specifics on it as well.

If you do decide to return to intimacy too soon, it could lead to some issues that can be quite unpleasant. Some of the problems that you may experience can include muscle spasms, vaginal dryness, pelvic numbness, nausea, pain near the incision and even a difficulty obtaining an erection. Some of these can be quite disconcerting and uncomfortable as well. If you do experience any of these problems, even if you follow your doctor's instructions, they should be discussed with your physician as soon as possible.

At times, you may find that it is beneficial to bring your partner in on a physical therapy session or to have them speak with your physician along with you. This can help you to bridge the subject with them so that they don't feel as if it is you that is coming up with unnecessary rules on the subject. Your doctor will not only provide you with information on when you get back to intimacy but he will also provide information as to how to do so safely.