Treatments for Sports Injuries to Your Back

sports related back injuriesIt is important to exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle and to ensure that you are staying in shape but, even though that is the case, there may still be some issues that occur as a result of exercise. That is especially true when sports are concerned, and injuries are likely to occur in any sport. Although you may be able to do some things to limit those injuries, there are going to be times when they are a problem. When they occur, it can cause difficulties that may last anywhere from a few hours to a lifetime.

Although sports injuries can occur on any part of the body, in 20% of the injuries, the lower back is going to be involved. In fact, lower back injuries are common in any type of problem, regardless of whether it is a sports related injury or not. Just because you have lower back pain, however, does not necessarily mean that you are limited from playing sports altogether. In some cases, you may be able to continue to play sports, provided you pay attention to any issues that occur.

A number of different back related injuries may exist when it comes to sports. Participating in the sport can produce these injuries, particularly if you are playing beyond your limits or if problems occur, such as sudden trauma that takes place in the area of the back. Some of the more common injuries that may occur to the back as a result of sports include a lower back injury, upper back injury or a neck injury. Any of them can be a serious problem that must be addressed by a physician.

Prior to the time that you play sports, it would be to your benefit to ensure that your warming up and doing any stretching that is necessary. This type of preventative measure can help you to avoid back injuries in some cases. If you are already dealing with a back injury but have been cleared to continue to play sports, warming up and stretching can help the problem from getting any worse.

At times, it may be necessary to work with a professional to manage the back injury that you have experienced. The physician may provide you with a number of different options to treat the back injury, from physical therapy or chiropractic care to home-based care, including stretching and exercise.

In extreme conditions, the doctor may suggest that you have some type of surgery for your sports related injury. A nonsurgical option is always going to be considered but if the pain is persistent and the injury could benefit from a surgical procedure, it may be something that you want to consider. Your doctor will go over the specific type of procedure that may be available for your type of injury.