When Is Spinal Fusion Surgery Necessary?

when is spinal fusion necessaryWhen you have any problems with serious spine pain, one of the most important things is to remove that pain and any related symptoms. For many individuals, the pain is experienced in the lower back and it may occur for a number of different reasons. Regardless of the reason why you are experiencing back pain, one of the options that may be offered is spinal fusion surgery. Of course, it is not a type of surgery that is offered for every type of pain so it is important to understand why it is offered in the first place.

Lower back pain is relatively common, but the symptoms that people experience as a result of it is anything but common. Not only could it lead to extreme pain in the general area where the issue exists, it could also cause pain to extend down the legs along with numbness, weakness and tingling. For some individuals, lower back pain may also result in issues with their bladder or bowels, which could be a serious medical issue.

The most important part in determining if spinal fusion surgery is right for you is to have a proper diagnosis for your problem. Anybody can experience lower back issues but it is only if you have a specific diagnosis that this type of procedure will be considered. In addition, there is often some specifics associated with the lower back pain that would be considered as well. What are some of those specifics?

In the first place, most people who are a candidate for spinal fusion surgery will have to suffer from lower back pain for at least six months. In addition, it is typically necessary for there to be some type of a large deformity, including scoliosis. It is more common, however, for spinal fusion surgery to be performed when you have specific types of back pain that do not get better over the course of time.

As is the case with many spinal injuries or problems, nonsurgical treatments are going to be considered before surgery is suggested. In some cases, however, the pain may continue and surgery would be the best course of action. Spinal fusion surgery is usually recommended for issues such as mechanical back pain, degenerative disc disease, tumors, fractures and spinal stenosis. Your doctor will provide you with additional information as to whether you are a proper candidate for this type of procedure or not.

Depending upon the condition that you have, spinal fusion surgery may be able to help address the pain that you are experiencing. One of the more difficult parts of the process is determining where the pain is coming from and from that point, it can be determined if surgery is an option that should be considered.