back pain maleFootball fans are buzzing how a back injuryhas affected Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback Tony Romo after the game against the Washington Redskins on Dec. 22.  Within four days, Romo’s season was over as he underwent spine surgery for a herniated disk. His spine injury prompted many questions, as well as discussion of similar disk problems experienced by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, and fellow NFL players Dez Bryant, DeMarcus Ware, Peyton Manning, Arian Foster and others.

Neck pain can occur for a couple of different reasons. In many cases, the pain isn’t serious and will go away on its own after a few hours or after taking a hot bath and applying muscle relaxants. In some cases, however, pain in the neck can be symptomatic of degenerative conditions or other serious problems. At The Neuro & Spine Wellness Center, we encourage you to come in for an appointment if you are concerned about neck pain or injury related to your neck.

Frisco Neurosurgeon Diagnoses and Treats Concussions

Concussion symptoms from Frisco neurosurgeonconcussion is an acute brain injury that affects how your brain functions. In most cases, the effects of a concussion are only temporary, but they can be serious and complications may develop. When a second concussion occurs before the injuries to the brain have fully healed, the concussion symptoms may be more severe and take longer to resolve. Our neurosurgeon at The Neuro & Spine Wellness Center explains the most common symptoms of a concussive or mild traumatic brain injury.


People who have suffered a concussion usually experience an intense headache that may last for several days. The head may feel tender to the touch at the place where the head was hit. A feeling of pressure in the head may also develop.

spine doctor400 207x300If you are preparing to visit a spine surgeon near Allen for aspinal fusion procedure, you are no doubt wondering how long it will take for you to recover completely. While everyone is different, of course, and your recovery will depend on several different factors, here is some general information on what to expect.

The First Few Days

Once you’re discharged, you can expect to be in pain for some time. Your doctor will prescribe medication to help you manage that pain – however, you should not drive or drink alcohol while taking the medication because it may cause impaired judgment as well as drowsiness. There is a possibilityyour spine surgeon will recommend that you use an ice pack for further pain management.

spinal stenosisSpinal stenosis is the most common reason why people 60 years or older need spine surgery. It is typically caused by the wear and tear that can occur in the spine with age, resulting in cramping, numbness, weakness and substantial pain.It is also characterized by a “pins and needles” feeling in the legs that gets worse when you walk. If you have this condition and you are thinking of having a procedure performed to correct it, here are some of the things you should talk about with your Dallas area surgeon.