Boating after Back Surgery

post surgery boatingAlthough there may be many different enjoyable activities, some people enjoy the experience of being out on a boat more than any other. It doesn't matter if they are fishing or simply enjoying a day out in the sun, being on the water is certainly relaxing and a lot of fun. Unfortunately, being out on a boat can also be rather difficult on the body and that is especially true if you have recently had back surgery. As you are recovering, it is important for you to listen, not only to your body but also to your physician.

The first thing that we need to get out of the way is the fact that everybody is different when it comes to recovery. Before you decide that it is time to get out on the boat again after back surgery, it is important for you to consider a number of different factors and your recovery is perhaps at the top of the list. You should never do anything unless your physician gives you clearance to do so, because you could easily injure your back or cause additional damage. Take it slow and listen to your doctor.

post surgery boating 2You also need to consider your personal recovery from back surgery. Recuperation is not something that can be put on the calendar but rather, it has to do with you and your individual circumstances. Some people are healthier than others before they have an operation and as we age, our recuperation time tends to slow down as well. If you have been given any type of physical therapy or exercises to do after the operation, your dedication to them will also make a difference in how quickly you will be able to get back to boating after back surgery.

Different procedures may also extend time that it would take for you to get back on the boat again. In some cases, a minimally invasive procedure may only require a few days of recuperation but in other cases, serious spinal surgeries could take months to heal properly. Your doctor will be able to give you further information as to how long you can expect your recovery time to take.

What you plan on doing when you are on the boat? If you are going on a rowboat, it may be a very bad idea to start with. Rowing is extremely difficult on the back and it is something that is best avoided, especially after you have had surgery. More strenuous activities may also need to be avoided, such as deep-sea fishing or waterskiing.

Finally, consider the type of boat and your position on it. You will typically experience less bouncing if you stay close to the stern and as close to water level as you possibly can. Also, avoid sitting in one place for an extended amount of time. These tips can make a difference in how quickly you can get back on the water.